Address from chairman of the board

Speech by Chairman
Welcome you to become a member of Hubei Feilihua Quartz Glass Co. Ltd! We are honored to join you.

The company keeps up with the times with steady development and an ideal and passionate team. The company undertakes to provide high performance products and services for semiconductor, solar, optical communications and other high-tech industries and national defense industry, to realize the sacred mission of China’s quartz rise. We always focus on innovation in the quartz material manufacturing technology, in order to cultivate excellent talents, enhance the core competitive ability, and build a 100 years sustainable enterprise as our goal.

Today feilihua is standing at the new starting point when the science has leapfrog development.  Feilihua aims to achieve the “first-class high-tech material suppliers in the world. This is a common vision for a hundred years to build the feilihua brand". We need a lot of talents like you to realize the goal. We believe that you will be able to integrate into the company enterprise culture as soon as possible in our flexible environment for growth and increasing space for sustainable development. You will share our values of initiative, effective communication and endless innovation. We provide an open and broad platform for your career development and occupation achievement.
I wish you have a smooth and successful career in Hubei Feilihua Quartz Glass Co. Ltd!
Ex. Chairman Dengjiagui

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