Corporate culture


Providing high quality products and services for high-tech industry such as Semi-conductor,solar energy,optical communication etc.,and national defense indusrty to achieve the rise of Chinese quartz.
1.To achieve the wide application of Feilihua quartz in these fields such as Semi-conductor,solar energy,optical communication etc. by providing consistent quality and high cost performance products.
2.Making efforts to develop quartz material with world-class technical level and quality standard ,and satisfying our country''s demand of high-tech industry and national defense industry, and changing the reality that high-end material is disciplined by people,and achieving the rise of Chinese quartz through introducing advanced techonology &equipment  and  development &research. 
3.To realize sustainable development of enterprise and  all the stakeholders  through the construction of advanced culture and philosiphy, people-oriented,concerning about the environment ,saving resource ,co-creating and sharing .

To be the world-class advanced Hi-tech material supplier and build a century Feilihua brand
1 Always leading the way in dealing with change, integrating resources, satisfing customers'' demands and adding value for customers.We strive to enlarge the market share of Feilihua''s product, making Feilihua a turn-key supplier and member of the top three corporations 
2.To become the outstanding representative of Chinese advanced Hi-tech material serving in the Hi-tech field  and aerospace enterprise.We are committed to gain a national popularity and reputation in this field and industry.
3.we  develop soundly and operate continually as well as build"century-old”brand .

Core value
commitment   integrity   innovation  initiative 
commitment-Focusing on the industry development
integrity-Establishing interior and exterior relationship of trust with  responsible company
innovation-Devoting on innovations that have impacts on customers and corporate
initiativeAlways keeping enterprising spirit of constantly surpassing oneself.

Externally satisfying  the customers''  demands  and internally meet the request of physical needs as well as realization of staff''s self-value, essentially fulfilling the responsibility of enterprise citizenship.

The company''s quality principle
excellent proficiency, customers''  satisfication

The company''s environment principle
we keep on improving the quality of products&service  by constant technical process and strict management, and in the meanwhile take environmental protection and ennergy saving,aiming at healthy and sustainable development.

The company''s occupational safety and health principle
Being disciplined&law-abiding,we devote on improving the conditions for occupational safety and health and a harmonious enterprise with the principle of safety is important ,precaution goes first.

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